Norman and Bunny

Our parents, Norman and Bunny (nee Schall) were close friends from the ages of 11 and 8, respectively. They grew up together, married and raised a family together. They were active, contributing members of the community, often giving much of themselves. Fireman, Red Cross Instructor, Scout Leaders, Church Builders, they were there to do their share, together, family in tow. They built a life together, and appropriately crossed over together. Mom died on 12/19/10 and Dad, always watching out for Mom, died three days later on 12/23/10. Knowing their story, the Genesis people treated them with great dignity, making sure they spent their time at MERI together, as always. At night they played their beloved country music. It’s not hard to imagine them square dancing on a cloud. Mom and Dad, we miss and love you both.

The treatment provided our parents and the kindness shown to our family have made it an easy decision to donate our own bodies. Maybe we will be responsible for finding the break through to give our children and grandchildren a better, healthier life. Thank you and God Bless to the people at MERI and the Genesis program.