Charles Paul Dierkes, Sr.

Charles Dierkes

In Loving Memory of
Charles Paul Dierkes, Sr. RN
9/26/1953 – 3/25/2012

He always showed a smile so that he could hide his pain

He wore his funny cancer shirts so other’s laughter he would gain

He fought a valiant battle against the beast that was within

Until the day he knew the beast would finally have its win

And yet what cancer didn’t know was while it won that time

the war was won by Charlie, and now his health is fine!

For he is a child of God and lives in Heaven with his king

And his gifted body lent to science many learned things.

Doctors trained, now hundreds more can new procedures do

New methods, tool and pumps for chronic pain and fractures, too

For Charlie’s Legacy helped folks in life and now in death

So cancer, see! The greater part of him was left!

And while this Christmas may be sad to have to let him go

My children and I have a tree and there his picture softly glows

But one more thing he would impart for those who do not know

That Jesus loved and carried him through the horror of cancer’s blows

An now his work on Earth is done, he’s resting with his Lord.

My Christmas wish this year is that he’ll meet me when I go home

Until we meet again my love, Susan Dierkes