Donor Information

Genesis Legacy of Life is a willed body donor program for those persons wishing to donate their bodies for the advancement of science. For an overview of the program please see our About Genesis page.
Steps to become a Genesis donor

Why choose body donation?
Legacy – Even after death, you can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of millions, giving others a better chance at life by participating in groundbreaking medical training and research. There is no upper age limit; our oldest donor was 104!

Financial – Genesis arranges transportation, death certificates, and cremation at no cost to your family. For families who may be financially exhausted, the Genesis program offers an alternative to traditional expensive funerals.

Eco-Friendly – Ashes are returned to your loved ones or interred in a local mausoleum.

Peace of Mind – Donors are accorded the utmost respect and dignity during their stay with us. For most procedures, MERI replicates a hospital operating room environment, treating each donor as a living patient. MERI is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

How to become a donor?

  • You may pre-sign into the program by filling out the donor forms that can be downloaded from our website, or
  • At the time of death, a legal authorizing party may arrange for the donation using the Third Party Authorization forms also found on our website.
  • Acceptance is contingent upon the medical and suitability criteria at the time of death. Please click here to see eligibility criteria.

Additional questions?
Please call us or visit our FAQ Page.