What we provide

What We Provide For Our Donors and their Families

At the time of death, we will:

  • Provide for the transportation of the donor from the place of death as permitted by state regulations to the Medical Education and Research Institute in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • File and pay for up to six death certificates.
  • Provide the family of the donor with a report detailing the research their loved one has made possible.
  • Pay for the cost of the cremation of the body after research has been completed.
  • Return the ashes to the family if desired, or providing the donor or their family the option of being interred in a mausoleum in the Memphis area.

The MERI maintains an open-door policy welcoming pre-signed donors and donor families to visit and tour our facility if they wish.

Without our gift donors, the medical education, training and research conducted at the MERI would not be possible. Donating one’s body to science is a tremendous gift and enduring legacy, reflecting an extraordinary commitment to life and to the well-being of others.